Tourism in Pakistan is becoming growing industry. Pakistan has various geographically historical and cultural heritage sites.

British Backpacker society described the country, as one of the friendliest countries on the earth, and ranked as the world’s top adventure travel station, in 2018.

The World Economic Forum Travel & Tourism Competitiveness ranked Pakistan in the top 25 percent of global station for its world heritage sites. Product – 20 Pcs/Set Puzzle Toys Dry Brush Bag Can Be Reused PVC Transparent Drawing Toy X5XE

For worldwide citizens, Pakistan is highly inviting tourist place, with the captivating beauty of landscape, rich and diverse culture and historical heritage. Pakistan antiquities a land of high adventure and nature from Karakorum to Indus Delta. Pakistan is full of breath-taking views of snowy peaks, frozen lakes, beautiful sea coasts, lush green farms, former civilizations and Mughal monuments.

Now, with better security situation and government efforts, the world is finally realizing that Pakistan is a nature-lover’s dream and heaven for tourists.

The religious sites of Hindus and Sikhs are a great source of attraction for ……..The old Hindu and Sikh temples are visited by tourists. Especially the shrine of Guru Nanak are visited by thousands ……through Kartarpur corridor.

Northern Areas of Pakistan

Mesmerizing Northern Areas are the most famous and amazing region for traveling in Pakistan, offering to visit and observe the colours of nature and capture the marvellous sights. Product – Rainbow Mesh Ball Toy Stress Glowing Squeeze Grape Toys Anxiety Relief Stress Ball Toys Cute Novelty 2021 ألعاب منتج جديد

The travellers from all over the world love to visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Government is trying to lift all the travel hurdles for visitors, as Pakistan is famous for the most thrilled and beautiful traveling sights in the world, blessed with heavenly landscape. Some famous destinations of northern areas of Pakistan are listed below:

  • Hunza (Gilgit)
  • Skardu city
  • Naran kaghan
  • Fairy Meadows
  • Naltar Valley
  • Kalam (Sawat)
  • Chitral

Rural Areas of Pakistan

The agriculture sector plays a major role in Pakistan’s economy. Being the second largest sector, it absorbs 45% of the country’s total labour force. Pakistan’s economy obtains its strength from agriculture sector.

Pakistan’s, rural belt primarily consists of the land of farms. Pakistan’s economy, security, solidarity and integrity depends on its rural sector.

Pakistan is blessed with an ideal climate and strong river system, capable of stimulating the huge level of agricultural production.

Mughal architecture

Mughal architecture reached its peak in 17th century during the reign of Shah Jahan. During this time, many masterpieces were made like, Wazir Khan Mosque, Dai Anga Mosque, Tomb of Dai Anga, Shalimar Garden, Shahi Hamams and several additions in Lahore Forte included.

Lahore was the capital of Mughal Empire. Now Pakistan aims to revive the glory of this classical Mughal city. It is one of the most historical gems, situated along the bank of River Ravi. Visitors are starting to rediscover the treasure of the city and feel unexpected pleasure. Product – 2020 CMY Op-tic Pr-ism Cubes – Optical Glass Prism, RGB Dispersion Six-Sided Creative Children’s Educational Toys F Fast Ship

Pakistan is a treasure house of early Muslims and Mughals heritage, art and architecture, and Lahore is its cultural capital. On the other hand the shrines, mosques and forts located in or around the Multan and Bahawalpur are the master pieces of early glorious Muslim architecture.

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