Pakistan is the land of numerous cultures and communities. One of the most fantastic community is the Sindhi community. Sindh is the third biggest province of Pakistan.The capital of this province is Karachi which is the economic hub of this Pakistan. Sindhi Food are Cotton, rice, wheat, and sugarcane are considered as the significant crops that are produced in this province.

As far as the food of the Sindhi’s are concerned it is getting acclaimed day by day. Sindhi people are familiar for their own traditional food items. Sindhi food is essentially the food eaten by the people of Sindh.The variety of food is also popular in many countries where Sindhi people use to live. The dishes which they prepare are exclusively unique in taste as well as in the names, and the spices which they use are of excellent taste and regular in use. Their food is awesome in flavour and is full of aromatic spices.

Sindhi cuisine draws upon a dazzling variety of greens in their food. The Sindhi staple, sai bhaji, for example, is a blend of lentils and at least three kinds of greens: Palak, methi, dill and sometimes khata Palak. The traditional Sindhi food isexceptionally delicious. Sindhi food uses simple and very basic ingredients, however the Sindhi style of cooking turns the dishes really tasty.

The everyday food in most Sindhi families consists of wheat-based flat-bread (Phulka) and rice along with two dishes, one gravy and one dry with curd or pickle. We have featured some of the delightful dishes of this city so that you can have an idea regarding the food culture of this historical city.

Sai bhaji

Without any doubt, Sai bhaji is every Sindhi’s favourite dish. This dish is probably the most ideal approaches to include spinach in your diet. It is a kind of curry that is prepared with split Bengal gram, spinach leaves, dill, sorrel, potato, cauliflower, carrot, tomato, garlic, cumin seeds, ginger, and onion. It is an exceptionally healthy food item because it contains a number of healthy vegetables in it. Sai Bhaji is garnished with red chilies, diced tomatoes, and lemon. This delicious dish is served with rice or roti and ideal for buffets, dinner or parties. Sai-bhaji

Seyal Mani

Seyal bhaji is actually the small piece of roti that is typically left over after eating food. These bits of roti are kept in water with garlic, curry seeds, mustard seeds and grounded tomatoes, chilies, turmeric, and coriander powder. Then they are cooked properly on low heat. It is a nice and delicious food item that is nicely garnished with coriander leaves and lemon before serving. Seyal-Mani

Dal Pakwan

Eating a healthy breakfast is always prescribed by the dieticians to remain fit. Dal Pakwan is a simple, healthy and very appetizing breakfast dish of Sindh that is irresistible. It is a combination of spicy chana and moong dal, tomatoes, onion, and coriander, which is garnished with chopped onions and green chutney. This dish is served with crispy fried bread which is prepared with wheat flour and decorated with cumin, carom and black pepper. The Pakwan is usually very crunchy, made of maida which is then deep fried in oil and you will simply love it when you have it with dal. This is an ideal breakfast for all age of people, especially because of its protein and carbohydrate content. You can also have this dish with pudina chutney. DalPakwan

Aloo Tuk

Aloo Tuk is a tasty and delicious double fried potato dish that is made by boiling potatoes and then peeled them finely into thick rounds or vertical wedges. Afterwards these potato pieces are fried in oil with some salt. After frying, they are spiced up with red salt, chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, and dried mango powder. Eat it as snack or serve it as a side with any meal, you will definitely fall in love with it. It is also an excellent snack that is normally eaten in the evening with tea. Aloo Tuk is quite easy to make but so addictive, you will not have the option to stop yourself from taking another piece. Aloo Tuk served on a plate. AlooTuk


The most cherished breakfast choice for all the Sindhis out there, Koki is Sindhi flat-bread just like a paratha but it is a little thicker. Koki is made by the wheat flour, coriander leaves, curry leaves, onion, pomegranate seeds, and lots of desi ghee is added in the batter. Koki is absolutely nutritious and is filling fibre food. By having this, it tends to be a good start for your day. You can have Koki with pickles for the best combination, and also goes well with any sabzi, dal, curd or chai. koki

Seyun Patata

Seyun is vermicelli and patata means potato. This Sindhi dish is a good option for typical Sindhi breakfast. It is quickly available moreover this dish doesn’t require many ingredients. You simply need vermicelli which is cooked in a combination of potato. You can also include red chili powder and dhania powder for taste. Sweet vermicelli with spicy fried potatoes, always brings back childhood memories. This is a Traditional Sindhi dish prepared on special occasions and festive days. It is a rich and flavourful preparation with cardamoms, saffron and dry fruits. Seyun-Patata

Palla Machli

Palla Machli is a fried fish item that is extremely popular Sindhi delicacy. It is cooked with numerous traditional Sindhi style by using local spices. Fish fillets are coated with ginger garlic paste, chili powder, turmeric powder, crushed pomegranate seeds, crushed coriander seeds, salt, pepper, and flour. These fillets are fried in the hot oil until they turn golden brown and become ready to serve or barbequed. Palla-Machli


Thadai (famous Sindhi drink made from almonds and poppy seeds – khash khaash) Thandiay (Thadal) Sharbat (sweet drink made from rose petals or sandal wood). Falooda (noodles and ice on top of an ice cream) Khirni (hot drink made with milk, flavours of saffron andcardamoms). Lassi (dahi (yogurt)-based traditional drink).

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