Yarkhun Valley

Though it’s approximately unheard of and forgotten compared to Pakistan’s most famous tourist place, I think Yarkhun Valley was the most beautiful place I visited […]

Hunza Valley

If you live in Pakistan or read anything about Pakistan – it’s almost sure you’ve come across the Hunza. Don’t let the word ‘valley’ confuse […]


Still it has a rocky past, the current and future of Swat Valley are luminous and very bright. This brilliant valley in the KPK province of Pakistan […]

Chitral District

Introduction Chitral District is the largest district in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistancovering an area of 14,850 square kilometres. Chitral shares quite a bit of […]

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is becoming growing industry. Pakistan has various geographically historical and cultural heritage sites. British Backpacker society described the country, as one of the friendliest […]